It's no secret that most everything I post comes off of Pinterest. That app is like a whole new world for me…a new fantastic point of view (alluding to Aladdin…please pick up on that)! But anyway, I just couldn't live without it.

Can we talk about Dolce and Gabbana's Spring 2014 Fashion Week show? The details, the art, the ancient roman accents… it was so fabulously unique. That's what's amazing about it. It stands out to me. I suppose I'm just drawn to those key features but it was all so amazing to see (on the internet…of course :)).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
 The first look/combination of favorite pieces is the one to the left. First of all, the shirt is so beautiful yet can be casual. Lace and designs like such are trendy as it is, but my being a vintage-enthusiast draws on the fact that there's almost an edwardian style to the shirt as well. Where can I get it??? 

Next, I love the skirt with the belt. The belt is a nice statement piece, and I'm glad there isn't other distracting pieces of jewelry. It's very edgy, but I think the outfit would be great without it too. I suppose it depends on the occasion. The skirt is totally in. I'm liking leather skirts this season, whether they are black or brown, short or long. The punk feel to this one combined with the elegance of the top makes it a fierce outfit. My only question is what shoes she paired with it….

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I especially love these outfits for the skirts. Very feminine! Pretty simplistic I would say, for both. Simplicity is another feature of my favorite looks for this season… and probably even winter too. But anyway, plaid is always nice for fall. I like the idea of a coat over a dress, too. 

Pretty sure this is from 
Vogue Italia


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